A: Research papers: are talks of 20/25 minutes with 5/10 minutes for questions. These presentations will be organized in multi-paper sessions that include up to three papers on a similar theme (symposia).

B: Poster presentations: allow presenters to provide an overview of their work on a 3- by 4-foot display and describe the details of their work to small groups during a 90 minute session.

C: Workshops: are interactive demonstration or experiential sessions rooted in participation and active learning. We suggest presenters to choose the workshop format if half or more of the time will be spent on experiential learning and active audience participation focused on the development of new skills, techniques, or proficiencies.

D: Round table: is a type of discussion and debate among speakers and attendants on a specific and cohesive topic.

All Proposals should include:

• Title
• Abstract (200-300 words max)
• Biographies (100 words max) for all presenters

If your submission is a research proposal (5000 words max) it should also include:
• Background (brief literature review or theoretical framework)
• Methodology or approach
• Findings
• Discussion
• Reference list (not included in the word count)

Poster proposals should also include:
• A brief reference list

Each participant can only send and/or present up to two proposals maximum.

For details on how to write your research proposals please click on the link below