Dr. phil. Renate Schüssler works at the Bielefeld School of Education (BiSEd), a central
academic institute of Bielefeld University in Germany. She received her PhD in 2006 with a
thesis on school development in Peru. For more than ten years she enrolled in human rights
organizations and in international cooperation with a focus on (teacher) education in Latin
America. At BiSEd she is responsible for internationalization and capacity building of teachers
and in charge of the program Lehrkräfte Plus.
Lehrkräfte Plus is a qualification program for teachers with a refugee or migrant background. It
aims at preparing the participants for their professional integration in local schools. The project
started in 2017 as the second pioneer program for refugee teachers in Germany. From its
beginning it has been realized in close cooperation with the educational ministry, foundations
and from 2020 on with the DAAD and the ministry of science and culture.


“Just like students from other countries teachers with a refugee or international background face
enormous challenges on their way to professional integration in their new countries. Without
support from politics, teacher education systems and their new school environment and
colleagues, it is difficult to enroll according to their professional background. We all are required
to pave their way back to school.”