In order for an abstract to be effective when displayed in the Conference Booklet, it must be an accurate, stand-alone reflection of the contents of the study. To help our participants when they write their abstracts, we have prepared the following guidelines. The abstract must be a concise yet comprehensive reflection of what is in your paper. In particular:

• The abstract must be self-contained, without abbreviations, footnotes, or references. It should be a summary of the full article.
• The abstract must be between 200-300 words.
• The abstract must be written as one paragraph, and should not contain displayed mathematical equations or tabular material.
• The abstract should include five or six different keywords or phrases, as this will help readers.
• Ensure that your abstract reads well and is grammatically correct.
• When submitting an abstract for your original research, it is important to state the primary objective and offer any tested hypotheses. Describe your research design and methodology and accurately state the following: the methods and procedures you employed, the main outcomes and results, and the conclusions that might be drawn from these data and results. Include any implications for further research or application/practice.
• If the paper is accepted the abstract will be used in the Conference Booklet, so the presentation should be clear and clean. It is extremely important that the length limit should not be exceeded. Submitting overlong abstracts is unfair to other prospective speakers, and the committee will not accept them.
• After the keywords, please state the conference strand for this presentation.
• Add a max. 100 word bio-data at the end.